Public Space

It hasn't really occurred to me until I came to Tsinghua, but throughout Beijing, I've noticed a lack of public places to sit and gather. I argue that it goes back to the Tiannanmen Square incident and not wanting people to congregate and 'plot against the CCP'. Or maybe it's just bad urban planning. Regardless, the lack of benches, chairs, or places to sit makes for a somewhat cold environment. Everyone is moving, with a bustling atmosphere; no one pausing to sit and enjoy their Jianbing. Even within Tsinghua, many of the buildings don't have benches or places to congregate besides the classrooms. It's sort of weird, but then again, it's just Beijing. 


Degen Hill

About: Degen Hill is a travel junkie, gym enthusiast, and avid writer who currently resides in Beijing. He is a 28-year-old graduate of Eastern Washington University where he studied Spanish & Communications and quickly learned that life's too short to not travel. Degen is aggressively realistic, open-minded, sarcastic, curious, and results-driven.

Currently: Degen graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master's of Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy in Beijing. He is now a reporter and editor for the political magazine China Today (今日中国). His Chinese language ability is a work in progress and enjoys the challenge. He is currently living in Andingmen (Right above the Forbidden City).