Helluva sunset last night. That’s the view from my window, along with my courtyard which is (clearly) right below me.

I’m going to cruise Arequipa today looking for a suitable house pet. I’m leaning towards a turtle, but I’d certainly be ok with a lizard or parrot. Open to possible names so let me know!

First day of classes tomorrow, which means I’ll be busy today writing down as many ice breakers and get-to-know-you games as I can. I think I’ll also make brownies to really cut that first day of class tension, or should I make cupcakes? This will be the most difficult decision I’ll make today. Here’s to you Arequipa ‘Cheers’


Degen Hill

About: Degen Hill is a travel junkie, gym enthusiast, and avid writer who currently resides in Beijing. He is a 28-year-old graduate of Eastern Washington University where he studied Spanish & Communications and quickly learned that life's too short to not travel. Degen is aggressively realistic, open-minded, sarcastic, curious, and results-driven.

Currently: Degen graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master's of Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy in Beijing. He is now a reporter and editor for the political magazine China Today (今日中国). His Chinese language ability is a work in progress and enjoys the challenge. He is currently living in Andingmen (Right above the Forbidden City).