Just ice it...

It feels like I got hit in the face multiple times, probably because that’s exactly what happened. I had 2 fights this morning, the first of which I won because it was strictly boxing and I had 15 kilos on him, and I lost the 2nd for 2 reasons. One, I haven’t trained to block kicks because I’m a boxer and two, he was the 2 time South American Muay Thai Champion (Joseph Cabello). I didn’t stand a chance. I only learned this after I got thrown around like a rag doll for 5 minutes with my friends laughing and saying, “Don’t take it too hard, he’s the Champ for a reason”. 


Degen Hill

About: Degen Hill is a travel junkie, gym enthusiast, and avid writer who currently resides in Beijing. He is a 28-year-old graduate of Eastern Washington University where he studied Spanish & Communications and quickly learned that life's too short to not travel. Degen is aggressively realistic, open-minded, sarcastic, curious, and results-driven.

Currently: Degen graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master's of Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy in Beijing. He is now a reporter and editor for the political magazine China Today (今日中国). His Chinese language ability is a work in progress and enjoys the challenge. He is currently living in Andingmen (Right above the Forbidden City).